Open Enrollment Classes

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Open Enrollment Classes Offered Include:

Creative Concepts

This 8-week course provides the opportunity to build and expand your portfolio (and career) through challenging assignments. Projects involve generating ideas that solve problems and span different media. The course is led by experienced pros that teach, coach and critique along with occasional guest speakers. Classes meet once a week for two hours over a period of eight consecutive weeks.  Learn More

Copywriting Essentials+ Workshop

The Ad Club’s Copywriting Essentials+ Workshop offers advertising and marketing writers a one-day immersion in good copywriting practice. The training covers essential elements of persuasive writing and includes practical problem-solving, hands-on practice, and critique.

Participants will analyze what works and what doesn’t. You’ll learn techniques that will move you more effectively through strategies and make concepting more productive, drafts stronger, and your final product harder working.
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Account Management Essentials

What makes an account manager great? What’s the real value of the account manager’s role? Find out in this hands-on interactive workshop that covers everything from basics to best practices- including the skills, behaviors and attitudes necessary to succeed in account service.

Through a blend of rich content, group exercises, role-plays and coaching the program targets real-world challenges and situations that account managers face in their daily interactions with clients, team members, creative partners and business partners.
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Selling Creative

The goal of this 1-day training workshop is to help develop a consistent set of skills that result in superior presentations to internal or external clients. The training focuses on the importance of pre-selling ideas, and addresses common challenges such as jumping to executional thinking, dealing with clients that have pre-set expectations and working with a familiar, predictable business or brand.  Learn More

High Performance Leadership

This 4-part course teaches how to achieve high levels of individual, group and organizational effectiveness through a blend of leadership, management and teamwork.  The training emphasizes key principles of leadership including personal accountability, accountability for others, and the proven link between emotional intelligence and leadership success.  It is ideal for professionals in a leadership role that lack formal management-leadership education and training.  Learn More

Writing Creative Briefs that Work 

The goal of this one-day workshop is to help develop skills that result in developing the best creative executions to meet specific marketing and business goals and objectives. The training focuses on how to write clear and concise briefs so that the creative team can develop multiple on-strategy breakthrough executions.  Learn More

Negotiating with Influence 

Every day we negotiate solutions and convince people to understand our point of view. Negotiation is influence. This training will empower participants (you) to negotiate effectively with confidence while building strong relationships without conflict. You will learn to assess your audience and prepare for a negotiation that will influence your audience and gain agreement and mutual respect. The workshop is very interactive and participants will provide input prior to the workshop about what negotiation scenarios they deal with on a daily basis.  Learn More

Account Management Masters 

Whoever said the consummate account manager is a jack of all trades and master of none didn’t go far in this job. To be a leading account service professional, you must demonstrate mastery of advertising and marketing, client-relationship management, business development, staff/team management and operational effectiveness. It’s not for the weak of heart!  Learn More

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