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“Lou [Selling Creative] is unreal, and passionate about communicating! This course should be mandatory for anyone that works with clients on a regular basis.”

-Tony Vaccarino, Sr. Copywriter, Staples


“I found this course [Account Management Bootcamp] to be a useful tool in my current business and in future projects. The instructor was captivating, knowledgeable, and a valuable resource."

-Bromley Spatola, Sales Coordinator,  MNI


“This course [Creative Concepts] opened up my mind to creative thinking. Added another level of concepting within my idea development.” 

-Dartanyan Danier, Graphic Designer, Talbots


“It [Account Management Bootcamp] was a great way for me to realize that others have the same problems, and that by talking about it and working together there are solutions.”

-Leslie Loock, Assistant Account Manager,  Seidler Bernstein


“This training [CRM in Action] really helped me identify things I can improve and things I’m doing right. I learned how we can work better as a team.” 

-Danielle King, Marketing Communications Associate,  Liberty Mutual

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